Summer 2017

Posted in Uncategorized on September 26th, 2017 by josh

Back in June 2017, I went to London to speak at InfoSecurity World London. Immediately after, I flew to Florence, where I checked things out, fought off mosquitos in an airbnb and ate lots of amazing food. I then went to Barcelona. There, I swam, ate amazing things, drank, met people, drank some more and then went home (very hungover).

In August, I spent a week on a houseboat on Lake Shasta with Sara’s dad and some of his family. The day after returning, Sara and I went to Copenhagen for a week, where we did what you do: ate amazing food, drank great coffee and explored. She returned home while my co worker and her fiance met me in Berlin. We rode bikes all over the place in the near 100 degree weather, had a lot of beer and, at the end of it, made our way to Amsterdam. There, my co-worker and I each gave separate presentations at BSides Amsterdam and then returned home after a couple of days.

A week after that trip, I flew to Milwaukee for 2 days to present at the ‘Midwest Cyber Security Conference’. I created a talk just for them called, ‘Your Cloud is Bigger Than You Think’. Milwaukee kind of reminded me of Copenhagen, just a little. It helps that the weather was warm and wonderful.

It’s Sept 26 now and in San Francisco, the weather is heat-waving. I love it, but am about to go to an even warmer place: The Mojave desert. I’m heading to Wasteland Weekend on Thursday. It’s a mad max themed event that takes place every year that I just found out about and figured it would be fun to check out.

Here’s my outfit:

I have four more talks planned:

1: The Future of the Internet (in 3 weeks) – Still being created. Will be done locally, for Santa Clara City government.

2: Behavioral Analysis using DNS and Network logs: A conference in Prague in Nov.

3: Visualizing Botnets, co-presenting with the same Berlin co-worker in Prague and in Vienna in Nov.

While this talking and traveling is fantastic most of the time, I am anxious to focus hard on making music and finishing an album. I’ll be doing that through the winter.

Also this winter, I’ll be doing my P2 test in Krav Maga, so I’m starting to ramp up training. Currently, I train 2 hours Monday, 2 hours Wed, and 2-3 hours Sat (depending on how I feel). I’m about to start adding in Thursday and to start always training 3 hours Sat. When Nov approaches, I’m going to do 4 hours on Sat, much like when ramping up for my P1 test. It really helped me to last the 5 hours. I’ve heard that the P2 test can be up to 7 hours. I’ll be taking the test in Santa Clara and am going to rent a hotel room somewhere with a jacuzzi. That will be awesome regardless of how I do.