Small tent-wet-wonderful day

I bought an awesome tent while travelling recently. It’s a one man camouflaged tent.
Recently, I camped near the coast with it for the first time.
It’s pretty much like what I imagine sleeping in a coffin to be like, except I loved it (I might love a coffin, but haven’t tried).
The bad news is: it rained all night. All my clothes were soaked, as was my sleeping bag and I slept for about 6 hours in a puddle. I remember in a haze waking up throughout the night thinking that I must not move in order to keep the water from getting me any more than it had and to keep the condensation that was still clinging to the tent from falling down on me. Getting out of the tent wasn’t an option as I was actually fairly comfortable as long as I didn’t move too much.
The alarm on my phone was set for 6 am so I could get home at a decent hour (and it was well protected in the pocket of my jeans, by my head). When it went off, I laid there for about 10 minutes trying to figure out if there was any way to get dressed without upsetting the water balance. Since the legs of my jeans were wet, it was going to be really hard to squeeze into them while in a sleeping bag without making everything horrible.
I just said, “F it” and got out. I peeled off my shirt and was left standing in my underwear on the cold tarp with rain falling onto me. It was cold, but I was kind of enjoying it. I began to enjoy it more as I discovered my emergency backpack (for things such as earthquakes, which I also bring along while camping) had kept my long wool underwear dry. I also found some thick wool socks that I didn’t realized I’d brought along. Once those things were on, the jeans went on fine. I discovered a dry hoodie in my car (The one I had worn the night before was soaking wet too), and that further increased my morale. The sun started coming up, but it was more like a gentle lighting of the sky than the usual piercing rays of color because of the rain and fog of the northern coast.
I haphazardly took everything out of the tent and broke the tent down without folding anything up and threw it all into my trunk. Then I started driving towards Ukiah. The drive was beautiful and became more so as I drove through the redwoods. They brought the words, ‘Natures Cathedral’ to mind as I occasionally stopped to take pictures and try to smell the air. I was really hungry and found the rest of a breakfast burrito that I’d left in the trunk the day before. It was absolutely delicious. My feet were warming up and the socks were drying (the wool socks got a little damp). Finally, I made it to Ukiah just before 9 am. I went to Bikram yoga in Ukiah and had a fantastic class. The temperature was perfect and the instructor was great. It was nice to get warm, move around and then even nicer to take a shower afterwards.
After the yoga, I ate a large breakfast. Then I paid a quick visit to my junior high school, high school and the house I grew up in. It was all very nostalgic. Finally, I drove back to the bay.
It was a really nice day.

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