Pattern recognition/Beard experiment/Motorcycle crash/trips coming up

Pattern Recognition:

This morning I was riding to work and was thinking about how I calculate risks when doing things like lane splitting or just riding down the road. I intuitively follow the feeling of the traffic. I was thinking about how all these people are doing their own thing, mostly in control of their actions but controlled by the actions of all the others creating boundaries for them to work within. You can get a picture of what might happen by watching one car if you’re interested only in what that one car is going to do, but to stay situationally¬† aware, you have to look at all the cars as one organism. It’s a moving whole. Individual actions can in most cases be predicted by watching the whole and listening to your intuitive knowledge of physics. Then, I was thinking about this in relation to watching network traffic or log data and trying to find anomalies. How do you go about taking a large amount of data and finding the unexpected bits? It’s certainly hard to find what to zero in on by looking at one packet or one IP address or one network connection. However, if you look at all the traffic in a given time frame, you can spot trends as well as the opposite of trends. I’m going to need to mull this one over some more. I feel like there are some good ideas in this on improving my ability to do pattern recognition or improve my workflow.

Beard experiment:

I’m attempting an experiment in which I grow a beard in the summer. I started probably back in April, 2014. It’s definitely a beard now… I’ve noticed they grow slower when it’s hot. In the winter, it’s almost twice as fast, I think.


Other news: A car spun out of control on 880 right into my lane a few weeks ago while I was riding home. I body slammed her vehicle, but thankfully I wear full gear and only had a hurt thumb and sore body. The Ducati Monster 696 still worked, but repairs were so much that it was considered a loss. Since then, I’ve purchased a faster and larger bike: a Yamaha Super Tenere. It’s my first new vehicle purchase and I love it. I am also reconstructing a 1996 Honda Shadow VT1100C. I have a trip planned on the Honda down to LA -> Vegas -> North Rim Grand Canyon -> Bryce Canyon -> somewhere in the desert -> Reno and then home at the end of this month.

In August, I’ll be heading to Colorado to visit Sara as she’s volunteering at a meditation retreat. I’ll be taking the Yamaha for that one and camping in the desert under the stars again. After visiting her, I’ll head to Vegas for Defcon and swimming/hanging out by the pool. I’ll then stay a night in Death Valley, get up super early to avoid the heat and ride home. Hopefully I can find the time to ride by Mono Lake, even though it’s out of my way.


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