40 years

So….today is 40. At 2:33 PM, 40 years ago, I was officially born.  It hasn’t really phased me that much, but it’s an occasion to note.

In just this relatively small amount of time, I’ve learned things change quickly day to day while other things change over time in a gradual fashion and it’s important to react appropriately to the right changes. I’ve learned not to hold onto things as they were, but to cherish the past for shaping me and the environment in which I inhabit. I’ve also learned to embrace the present because it’s the most concrete reality from moment to moment. While doing this, I think about the future and how to arrive and act when those future moments become the present. I’ve long visualized living like flowing down a river. There are rocks in the way and sometimes they just pop up, impeding your progress. But for the most part, you can see all the obstacles and all the things you’d like to bump into and steer your way away or towards them. Making huge changes on a moments notice in this metaphorical river requires a lot of personal energy, but making huge changes later on down the river based on what you see ahead is easier because you primarily use the rivers energy along with a small bit of your own. This concept is what keeps me striving for success and contentment. It’s how I visualize achieving goals and living a full life that is mostly full of love and wonder.

I’m so thankful to everyone I know and have met and all the experiences so far. Additionally, I’m really happy to be alive, living in a universe full of matter and energy that makes up everything and everyone and am so thankful for having ritualistically almost always said yes to everything so almost no experience is missed. It’s a gift to be here.

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