Whole30, podcast, trip to Europe, music, slightly apathetic this morning

This morning, I was driving the motorcycle to work and was just exiting the bay bridge. Generally, I’m very excited to experience the day, regardless of whatever. I love that I get to be alive. However, I was just sort of not feeling it and had to downshift to 2nd gear because I was almost ready to stop at the end of the ramp. I didn’t really ‘feel’ like downshifting, like I was being kind of, “ugh…I have to do a thing”. That was the beginning. The day has felt kind of like that, but I pushed through and worked, went to the gym went to meetings, worked on the podcast for work and generally had a good day.
Speaking of podcast, I haven’t mentioned it yet. Work wants to do a podcast about security and they want to do it differently than others. I’m going to be the host and am really excited! We’ve already begun working on and recording the first episode.

For January, I decided to take a break from alchohol, just because. Then, before quitting for the month, I decided to do the whole30. That’s an elimination diet where you don’t eat carbs, sugar, bread, dairy, alcohol, etc. Basically, just meat and veggies. Caveman/woman style – Paleo. I’m on day 17 (started on Jan 4) and will be going until my birthday, Feb 5. On that day, I’ll have my first glass of wine and maybe some desert. I like what this has done. I have a lot more energy all the time but struggle with wanting a treat or a nice drink. The main reason for doing this was just mental discipline. I also wanted to stop taking alcohol for granted. Sometimes I can drink a bottle in a night just because it’s there. I’d really prefer to be satisfied with one glass every day or two or three days. I drink recreationally, but some days have been more recreational than others.

Music: I’ve decided to get serious again about music and finish an album by spring. I want to play shows and I don’t care to who or where. I have no interest in jockying for a slot in some show as I just don’t give any fucks. It’s about having fun. Hopefully, some shows will happen where I can just play, even if it’s for myself.

I can’t remember if I wrote about this, but it doesn’t matter:
Went on a trip to speak in Vienna in November about computer security stuff. I visited a lot of places too: London, Vienna, Rome, Venice, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam. It was all just after the Bataclan terrorist attack, so things were interesting. In fact, I saw the attack taking place on a TV in a bar at SFO just before boarding my flight.
The best part of my trip might have been the private car on a night train from Vienna to Rome through the Alps. I had a Donor Kabab, a bottle of Austrian wine and myself for company. It was beautiful.
It looks like I’ll be attending another security conference in Heidleberg, Germany in March if all goes well. My talk wasn’t accepted, but I’m a backup speaker. It means I have to get my own plane ticket. I don’t mind, but I have to find the money. It’s worth it to get a Donor Kabab and see Germany again. I’ll spend some time in Berlin – maybe even try to get into Berghain.

I may not have updated with all my travels. In 2015, I did a lot of speaking at security conferences. I went to Chicago (bsides conference), austin (bsides), Kentucky, Derbycon, Vegas (a lot – pleasure and for Defcon), LA (bsides), Joshua Tree (for fun), Seattle and Boston (Source Conference) and probably some other places I can’t remember. It was basically a trip every 3 weeks on average. Really awesome! I’ve got two trips to Vegas (for fun) coming up in the next month and have submitted a new talk to various conferences all over the US and some in Europe.

I want to start writing a lot more here just to kind of document my days. Let’s see if that happens.

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