Passed my Krav P1 test / adjusting my googles

Krav Maga P1 Test

It’s been a bit over a month since the Krav Maga P1 test and I forgot to write about it. It was 5 intense and really fun hours! About a week after, they told me I passed! Since then, I’ve started to attend more advanced classes and am regularly getting punched in the face, kicked in the groin and legs and loving all of it (most of the time). Looking forward to more!

Adjusting my googles

Just before the ‘trumpening’ occurred (trump becoming president), I moved my email off gmail and onto my own server. It was a good reason to finally take control of my email and communications. It’s working wonderfully, but I have additional plans. I’m going to make all emails auto-encrypt on the server. My devices that access them will decrypt each email as I view them. This is also being turned into a workshop that can be taught to others.

Then, I’m using three browsers for separate activities, which is slightly annoying but not terrible. Safari is for facebook, chrome is for work and personal gmail-connected services and Firefox is for everything else, with no google integration. Duckduckgo is my search provider. I did just buy a thinkpad carbon x1 laptop and installed linux. I’ll have to figure out what browser to use with Facebook. Maybe chromium since I won’t be doing anything else in it.

On my phone, I’ve installed firefox and made it my default browser. Of course, I use signal for SMS and tinfoil for facebook (a wrapper for facebook) for those times when I want to see what’s up with others or post a random picture. google voice activation is turned off, but there is still heavy google integration on my phone. Soon, I’m going to install a cleaner ROM and won’t be connecting a google account that is tied to other accounts to the phone. I just have to work out the details.

All of this stuff could be organized into a cleaner workflow. As it gets smoothed out, I’ll write about the steps anyone can take to recover some of their privacy without being fully excluded from technology-oriented social circles.

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