Krav P2 test, More travel, Grandma passed, why I write

Krav P2 Test:

On Dec 9, I took the next test in my Krav Maga training: The P2 test. This was to certify that I knew the P2 material and could move on to study P3. It was 6 hours of grueling exercise: running, fighting, carrying people, doing pushups forever, etc etc. After the test (which was in Santa Clara), I drove 3 miles down the road to a hotel room I’d reserved. I had a shower to clean up my scraped knees, hands and elbows, room service and a few drinks while laying all over the king-sized bed and watching bad tv, and it was fantastic.

I found out later that week that I’d almost passed and would pass once I did a couple additional retakes on 4 techniques:

1: Knife attack from close range
2: Being chocked from a guard position (you’re laying on the ground and your attacker is between your legs and choking you)
3: Headlock prevention from behind
4: Escape a choke from a corner

Finally, last Monday I got to do them and have officially passed! Now I can do the P3 classes, which means a change in schedule. That’s probably the worst part. Y

ou get to a point where you are used the the schedule you’ve been in.

Travel stuff:

I’m actually going to Israel with some of my Krav school in May. We’re going to be training every day, shooting some guns and seeing things. I’ll have to leave a day early to go to a friends wedding in the south of Spain. Then it looks like probably Rome for 5 days before coming home. I live in northern California, so we don’t really have a ‘winter’ here, but it’s still cold. This morning I could see my breath, but I’m looking forward to these trips to some hot places so I can go out at night in a t shirt and run around all day in the hot sun!

Grandma and writing:

Another thing that happened recently: My biological grandmother (on my mothers side) passed away on xmas eve. She lived a really full and healthy life, fading fast towards the end. That’s the ideal way for it to be – compression of mortality. You live healthy and well and then maybe the last week or so of your life is a quick decline, but surrounded by loved ones. I feel so fortunate to have been able to meet her after meeting my biological family (I was adopted) about 10 years ago. I’m also fortunate to have had the chance to know her husband, my grandfather for the two years before he passed away. They were both such wonderful people, living really interesting lives. I wish I could know so much more about them. It’s actually one of the reasons I write here. I don’t really care who is reading this or if no one ever reads it. It’s really for two reasons: So I can look back after the years and in case any of my loved ones/family/friends want to see what I was up to at any age. If I could read my grandfathers diary when he was a bomber pilot in WW2, that would be amazing. Or my grandmothers diary when she was a secretary in San Francisco in the 40’s (I think it was the 40’s), that would also be amazing. I think everyone should write about what they’re doing, no matter how mundane they think it is. I have a lot of hand written journals from my teenage years. One day, I’ll put them up here as well. They’ll be entered in the year they were actually written. I’ve already done that a little bit with past versions of  this diary. Some of the stuff that was in the early 2000’s or so was written down elsewhere or even blogged on livejournal.

Speaking of the past, here’s a digram I was given by my biological mother after we met. My grandfather was really into geneology and had traced the family way back.

<diagram is coming>

Sara gave me a 23andme Gene discovery kit for xmas, so soon I’ll be able to add some new stuff! Ever since I met the biological family, it’s filled in a missing spot in my life. I have always had a loving family, but until meeting them and learning about my ancestry, I had been missing a deeper root connection to history.

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