9/15/09, Prague. Visit to the Bone Church and a strip club.



We took an hour-long tain ride to see the Bone Church (Called the ‘Sedlec Ossuary’). It’s a small Roman Catholic chapel located beneath the Church of all Saints cemetery in the town of Sedlec, a suburb of Kuna Hora in the Czech Republic.
The church is beautifully decorated with the bones of between 40,000 and 70,000 people.
The pamphlet I read when there said that too many bodies were buried in the graveyard, so a half-blind monk un-earthed them and decorated the church using the bones. There’s a chandelier made of “all the bones one can find in a human body”. There was a family crest, which I assume was made with the bones of the family. Some of the more impressive parts were giant piles of stacked skulls and bones. They piles were about as large as a big SUV – maybe even larger.


Having a beer

As is the way of Bruce, Rob and Josh, we stopped at the local bar on the way back to the train station for some beer. The beer cost less than $1 US, so we had a few. There’s a very large phillip morris cigarette plant right in town and it appeared as if everyone worked there. People were being dropped off frequently at the bar by white vans. At first, it was just a few czech guys, but eventually it ended up being a lot of young asian teenagers. Not to jump to assumptions or anything, but we sort of assumed that the company might have a bit of a ‘sweat shop’ thing going on…
We got some strange looks in the bar from some of the czech worker guys. The bartender lady seemed very happy when we over-tipped (I think we tipped more than we paid for the beer).

We caught our trains back to Prague and ate dinner at a great itailan place. I decided that a nice plate of comfort spaghetti with bolognese sauce would help me to feel better, and I was right.

We went back to the apartment to change and headed out. We wanted to do what guys supposedly do best when travelling together: Visit a strip club. Well….the first one we went to turned out to be a brothel. We felt lucky to be able to get out of there without either getting beaten up by the huge guards or having to part with any money just for entering. The second one was more like what we were looking for. It was a normal strip club. People were smoking so much that it was very difficult to breath, but we all had some beers and toughed it out for a bit. None of us are actually into strip clubs, so we eventually ended up sitting at the bar talking with the bartender. Afterward, we walked back to the apartment.

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