9/16/09. Leaving Prague for Munich. Confusing train rides.

Cool statue in Prague

Cool statue in Prague

We decided to go ahead and leave Prague a day early so we could get to Munich for a night and then head off to Salzburg, Austria.
The day before, I had decided on going to Amsterdam by myself instead of Munich with the boys. It was going to be a 15 hour train ride. When Bruce and Rob were going to head to the train station for a ride to Munich, I was planning on taking a 5 hour train to Berlin and then a 10 hour train with a sleeper car to Amsterdam. I would have awoken on 9/17/09 at 10:00 in Amsterdam.
I had booked my train and hostel, but it turns out that my parents were willing to drive from the Netherlands to Austria and I could avoid heading all the way to them and losing a day or two to travel (I would have had to travel fairly far to get back to Frankfurt in time for my flight).
I was also really enjoying hanging out with Bruce and Rob and didn’t want to go to Amsterdam just for a day and night by myself. I cancelled my train and hostel reservation and commited to head to Munich and Salzburg.

We checked out of the apartment and lugged our bags around while attempting to shop a bit before leaving Prague. We went to some of the larger stores, where I FINALLY bought some deodorant and nail clippers. At one of the tourist shops, I purchased a ceramic cup that was stylized to look old with a drawing of Prague on it.

Eventually, we caught a long train to Munich. We had a cabin to ourselves and eventually fell asleep. At some point, German police woke us loudly to check our passports upon crossing back into Germany. The officer was very gruff. He examined my passport for a long time and stared at me for at least 3-5 seconds.
The train did a lot of switching and changing of engines. Several times, we had to ask an attendant if we were still on the right train…often in a panic due to the limited time to transfer. The trains often will not stop for up to an hour, so if you miss your stop, you’re a little screwed.
At one point, a very rigid and shreiky German train lady woke us up by yelling at us in German. We realized that she was telling us to get out of the car we were in and to move to a different car since our car was being shut down.

About 18:00, arrived at the Hotel Mark, right next to the train station in Munich. Not the prettiest area, which is too bad. Bus and train stations usually are not the best places to get a first impression of a new place.

After checking in, we went out for food. Bruce and Rob bought donors (a middle eastern sandwich that’s amazing). I got pizza for some inexplicable reason. Rob and I had beers, but Bruce was trying to take it easy because he was feeling the effects of the cold I had in Prague.

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