9/18/09, Munich and then a train to Salzburg, Austria.

Woke up around 09:00 or so. Rob already showered. I ran to the train station for a coffee and almond croissant.
Once we were all ready, we checked out and headed to the mall/shopping area to see if there’s anything we wanted.
Bruce had stepped in shit the night before. He told me that he thought it was my socks that were stinking the hotel room up all night.
Unfortunately, he still had really bad blisters and the shoes were very uncomfortable. The shit wasn’t going to come out all the way due to the kind of material they were made from.
We tried to find some other shoes, but they were all too pricey and lame. He managed to make it work and we did a little wandering around that mall we found the night before. We ended up eating a delicious lunch at the pasta place again.

Around 13:00: 1.5 hour train to Salzburg:
This was the nicest train we’d been on. It even told us how fast it was going via an overhead monitor.



When we arrived, it was a short walk to the hotel. Rob hadn’t told them that we were 3 people because he wasn’t sure if I was staying that night in the hotel because of my original plan to go to Amsterdam. They had us pay another 40 Euros and it was all set.

We dropped off our bags and walked around Salzburg. I think it was the most beautiful. Prague would have been the most, but it was so touristy. Salzburg didn’t feel touristy at all.
We ended up eating dinner at some little place on a cobblestone street (all the streets are cobblestone, so that’s not really saying a lot).

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